Spacious Living Room


"There are three responses to a
piece of design - yes, no and wow!
Wow is the one to aim for"

- Milton Glaser - 

Solace is a newly established home decor business set up to provide beautiful and unique home ware to all. We offer a large range of products to compliment any interior design, from alternative to shabby chic we believe that we can provide something for everyone.

We are also committed to providing unique handmade items that are of limited availability. As we are still a very small business all our handmade items are currently created by ourselves at home. However, as we grow we are hoping to collaborate with other local, like minded creatives and crafters allowing us to provide even more unique, one off items that you will only find here or direct from the creator. 

I know that while designing and decorating my own home I struggled to find those individual pieces that really spoke to me and showed who I am and what I love. As a result I had to take a more creative approach to achieve the aesthetic I was looking for, making or altering pieces to make them one of a kind . We hope that solace will become a place for the unique to find those individual pieces that can really show who they are and still be safe in the knowledge that they don't appear in every home.    

 Every home should be a place of peace and solace. This is what we hope to help you achieve.